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 How to convert SWF to Apple iPad

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PostSubject: How to convert SWF to Apple iPad   Sun Oct 17, 2010 11:51 pm

Moyea SWF to iPad Converter unlocks the world of flash to your iPad! Store, play and share your own favorite tunes or fine animations on your iPad and enjoy on-the-go video experience. With this converter tool, you can exploit the fun of using such a marvelous gadget! Let's go and experience how easy it is to convert SWF to iPad videos.

1. Input the Flash Files
On opening the software, you will get the window for the single mode conversion. If you have only one file to convert, please go on with it. If many, you can click the "Switch to batch mode" tab on the top left to shift to the batch mode conversion.

Click "Add" to add the files from your computer folder. Click "v" immediately after "Add", there will be a drop list cascading automatically. Choose from the "From Folder", "From IE cache", "From Projector" to input your flash files.

Click the file name to play it. On the right top of the playing pane are the properties of the current flash file. Click the "Export" tab in the menu to the export settings.

2. Export Settings

3. Convert
On clicking the convert button, you will get some twinkle interfaces. One is the testing of the capture speed, the second is the capturing of the screen for the program, and the last is the encoding window. That is the whole process of the conversion, and it is with fast speed, of course, it depends on the file size, the smaller the faster. As the batch mode is automatic, you can ever choose to wait, or to leave for a rest.

The conversion completes, the rest is to enjoy your fancy on your DVD!

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How to convert SWF to Apple iPad
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