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 Diverse Ways to Upload SWF Files onto webs.com

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PostSubject: Diverse Ways to Upload SWF Files onto webs.com   Fri Oct 08, 2010 3:52 am

There are a lot of websites nowadays that can facilitate to create your own website for free, and with rich style and templates to choose from. www.webs.com is one of them and one of my favorites as well.

A little more explanation before uploading SWF files onto webs.com:

1. Become a member of webs.com first, no worries, the sign up is simple and without too much data involved.

2. Follow the instructions afterwards to create your own website and customize it.

3. There are basically 3 popular forms of SWF files: the flash file saved in your local PC with .swf extension name; the flash file generated from flash making program with embedded HTML code; and the flash file downloaded online with its URL, we will talk about the ways to upload them all to webs today respectively.

Upload Flash File with .swf Extension to Webs

Log in to your webs account and enter the editing mode using site builder. Click “Video” tab on the top to enter “Insert a Video” interface.

Click the video type you are going to add on the left panel to start the uploading process. It is very necessary to know the video formats that webs.com accept shown below: WMV,MPEG,3GP,MP4,FLV,AVI,MKV,MOV etc.

Oops! .SWF is definitely not supported. In this circumstance, take it easy and use SWF to Video converter to convert .swf file to above eligible formats within seconds.

Upload the converted .swf file to your own page created by webs.com, preview the effect like this.

Upload Flash File with Embedded Code to Webs

If your flash file(flash banner, for example) is generated by other programs and with embedded code, you can add the code directly to webs by clicking “HTML” tab located in the top tool bar.

Upload Flash File from URL to Webs

If the only source you know is flash URL, which was extracted from flash downloader like this:

Click “HTML” tab mentioned previously, add the flash URL to the embed code we provided like this:

Width and height value can be changed according to the actual demand.

These are 3 different ways for uploading 3 different forms of flash SWF files to your own webpage created by webs.com. Go ahead and try them to make your page unique and memorable.

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Diverse Ways to Upload SWF Files onto webs.com
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