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 Finally I Got My Sonís Lost Puppy and Photos Back

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PostSubject: Finally I Got My Sonís Lost Puppy and Photos Back   Fri Aug 06, 2010 9:19 pm

My son is 7 year old now, like my wife, he has brown hair and two big eyes. He is really a lovely boy. Last year, we went on a trip to Virginia, we did have a wonderful time there. But when we returned to London, a terrible accident happened. A truck got out of control and hit on our car, my wife lost her life. She was only 33.
From then on, my son became quiet. He didnít talk too much, both to his friends and me. In order to let him be happy and forget all of the sorrows, we moved to Bath to start a new life. To make him feel less lonely, I bought him a puppy. It is really a great idea to keep a pet. Now I can see he always smiles happily. Every day he will get up early and take the puppy out for a walk. Sometimes they go to the park nearby. I bought him a camera to take photos of the puppy and make an album.

Last night, my son came back with the camera in his hand. He cried and told me he lost his puppy. He said that when he was taking a picture of his puppy, he dropped the camera. After he picked it up he found that the puppy was gone. I asked him where he lost the puppy and he told me that he could not remember clearly, but just in the park. I searched the whole park but still couldnít find the puppy.
My son was so upset and he was still crying. He was looking at the photos he had taken. Suddenly he screamed and said that all the photos disappeared. I took the camera and had a check. Indeed all the photos were deleted. I searched on the Internet and tried to find a way to get the lost photos back.
Soon I found EarthSoft Data Recovery. I downloaded it and tried to get all of the lost photos back with it. It had a simple and clear user interface, though a beginner I could easily managed it. Just a few seconds after auto-scanning, I found the lost data on the memory card. All the lost photos were listed on the interface. With only one click I got all the lost photos back.
After getting the lost photos back, I had a brief look at those pictures. Suddenly one of them caught my eyes. It must be the last one my son had taken. Then there will be exactly the place my son lost his puppy. We went back to the park again and found the place on the picture. There were so many big holes. Suddenly my son heard the dog barking and in one of the holes, we found the puppy.
Finally we got the puppy back. Thanks to EarthSoft Data Recovery, with it I got both my son's lost puppy and photos back.
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Finally I Got My Sonís Lost Puppy and Photos Back
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