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 Is it just an audio converter? No!

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PostSubject: Is it just an audio converter? No!   Fri Aug 06, 2010 9:16 pm

Is it just an audio converter? No!

Music is wonderful and at times has been a focus of my life. I believe that listen to the music must be one of the favorite things that most people would like to do. People have their own way to enjoy the music, in iPod, iTunes, or other players, no matter what it is. Some times, you have to convert among the audio files to make sure the file is playable in your device, thus audio converters becomes familiar with people who in need of converting audio files.

Speaking of the audio converter, I want to share some things with friends. Recently, I just found wonderful software which can go far beyond an audio converter. I have some CD collections and would like them ripped and so I can play the songs on my computer. Audio jukebox program did the job easily for me. I can't tell exactly what it is, let's just call it the all-in one multimedia software! It has 7 main functions: file manager, CD ripper, Recorder, audio converter, CD player, ID3 tag editor, Internet radio player. So should you want to store a lot of CD's and have almost instant access to them then this could be for you. Another advanced feature is the ability for ripping and converting the CD to other audio formats, that is to say, it also acts as an audio converter. It can rip and convert your CD as well as local music files stored in your computer. We call it jukebox is because it also has the MP3 jukebox function, which is Internet radio player .You can search for a radio station by clicking "Search" button. With it, you can listen to many radio stations, and even record the radio!

It must be a surprise to find such a versatile program. Let's see what it can do: Convert audio to MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG, play the music before processing, listen to the radio freely, record the radio perfectly, rip CD to MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG files simply, edit the ID3 information for the audio files, support batch processing, etc. This is definitely a fully featured application; complete with ID3 tagging, CD ripping, multi-functional all-in-one mp3 apps you've ever experienced.

Next time if you are looking for an audio converter, this audio jukebox is the top choice. Is it just an audio converter? No! From the above I said, you have learned what it can do for you. It will never disappoint you with its extraordinarily powerful functions. You can enjoy it in whatever way you want and have much fun with it.
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Is it just an audio converter? No!
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