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 How to Rip DVD(windows/mac), Copy DVD, Convert Video

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PostSubject: How to Rip DVD(windows/mac), Copy DVD, Convert Video   Mon May 10, 2010 9:19 pm

Every year, my family will have a big party and all the members will get together. We have a very nice time on each year's party. And from the year 2000, I record the party and share with my family. I enjoy the work every much, while when I share the video or the DVD, it is really a big problem. But now I can solve it with only a few clicks.

So I writ this article to show you guys how to deal with dvd and video stuff.

Part 1: How to Rip DVD on Windows and Mac

First Let me explain what is rip DVD. When I talk about “Rip DVD”, it means I will convert DVD video/movie to video format and you can play the video/movie without the disc. Of course, the original DVD will not be hurt.

For Windows users:
You need a DVD Ripper.

Step 1: Load your DVD to it
Step 2: Choose output profile
Step 3: Start Conversion

For Mac users:
Step 1: Download DVD Ripper for Mac.

Step 2: Load you DVD
Step 3: Choose output profile
Step 4: Start Conversion

Part 2: How to Copy DVD video/movie to another DVD Disc
To Copy a DVD to a blank DVD Disc you need a DVD copy Software and a DVD +/- RW Drive and a blank DVD Disc.

Step 1. Choose Source:
The source of this DVD Copy software can be: DVD disc, ISO image file and DVD folder
Step 2. Preparation
Before you click the “Start” button,
1. You can choose to copy the full disc or the main movie.
2. You can choose the audio, subtitle of the copy.
3. You can change the name of the volume.
4. You can choose to “include menu” or “skip menu” or neither of them.
Step 3. Choose Target:
You can copy your source to 3 target: DVD disc, ISO image and DVD folder
Step 4: Start Copy

Part 3: How to Convert Video
Here you need a Video Converter to help you.

Step 1: Add Video
Step 2: Choose output profile
Step 3: Start Conversion

iPhone Ringtone Maker
Best DVD Ripper
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How to Rip DVD(windows/mac), Copy DVD, Convert Video
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