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 There was a man...

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PostSubject: There was a man...   Mon Oct 22, 2007 1:55 pm

There was a man who owned a giant gorilla and he'd never left it on its
own. But eventually he had to take a trip, so he left his gorilla in
the care of his next-door neighbor. He explained to his neighbor that
all he had to do was feed his gorilla three bananas a day at three, six
and nine o'clock. But he was never ever to touch its fur. So the next
day the man came and gave the gorilla a banana and looked at it for a
while thinking, "Why can't I touch its fur? Nothing seems to be wrong
with it." Every day he came in and sized up the gorilla for a little
while longer as he still couldn't understand. About a week later, he'd
worked himself into a frenzy and decided that he was going to touch the
gorilla. He passed it the banana and very gently brushed the back of
his hand against its fur. Suddenly the gorilla went "ape" and started
to violently jump around. Then it turned and began to running towards
the man who, in turn, ran through the front door, over the lawn, across
the street, into a sports car, and drove off. In the rear-view mirror,
he could see the gorilla in another sports car, driving right behind
him and motioning for him to pull over. He drove for two hours until
the engine began to splutter and the car just stopped. He jumped out
and began to run down the street, over a brick wall, into someone's
front garden, and up an apple tree. He turned around to find the
gorilla right behind him beating its chest. The man jumped down and ran
back into the street screaming, until it became dark and he thought
he'd lost the gorilla. The man ran into an alleyway then, suddenly, he
saw a giant shadow coming down the street ahead. It was the gorilla!
This time there was no escape. As the gorilla neared him, the man began
to feel faint. The giant beast came face to face with him, slowly
raised its mighty hand and said....

"Tag! You're it!"


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There was a man...
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