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 2 Simple Ways to Improve Your Golf swing

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PostSubject: 2 Simple Ways to Improve Your Golf swing    Thu Apr 28, 2011 12:50 am

2 Simple Ways to Improve Your Golf swing
Golf is a game of focus and concentration. Just like anything else, in order to be great you have to master the basics. Once you master the basics you will be able to develop your own style of playing which will make the game more enjoyable for you with callaway x-24 hot irons . The first thing you need to work on is keeping your head still and looking straight at the ball. Do this and you will see immediate improvements in your golf swing made by taylorMade burner 2.0 irons . Your head should be in perfect alignment with your spine. Make sure to raise your nose just a little bit so when you swing, your left shoulder goes under your chin. Don't tuck your head into your chest. Doing this will prevent you from performing a proper golf swing with taylormade r11 driver . Another thing that will improve your game greatly is relaxing. I know this is not the easiest thing when you have hundreds of eyes on you but you really have to relax. Keeping your muscles relaxed is the best way to make sure you perform the proper swing. No matter what golf club you use of ping g15 irons , the foundation of a proper swing is all in the balance. In order to have proper balance you must relax. If you are not relaxed your muscles will tense up and you won't be able to hit the ball with callaway RAZR x irons as much force as you would like to. So there you have it. Practice keeping your head still and relaxing and you will see a major change in your golf game with taylormade r11 fairway wood .
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PostSubject: Re: 2 Simple Ways to Improve Your Golf swing    Tue Dec 27, 2011 7:48 pm

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2 Simple Ways to Improve Your Golf swing
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